Circulation Leg Wraps

Circulation Leg Wraps

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These leg wraps inflate and deflate to improve circulation, soothe sore muscles, and reduce swelling in your lower extremities. Similar to hospital compression boots that stimulate circulation in sedentary patients, the leg wraps have six airbags that wrap around the entire leg and inflate and deflate to help blood vessels expand and contract. The compression intervals stimulate circulation in the thighs, hamstrings, calves, and feet and help facilitate blood flow back to the heart. The corded remote allows you to select from three levels of intensity and choose from seven programs that pinpoint different areas and at varying intervals. Adjustable Velcro closures ensure optimal fit for all sizes.

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Customer Reviews

circulation leg wraps

 October 30, 2010
By joybubbles "joybubbles"
These feel just like the ones used in the hospital when I had my surgery. This is a repeating pump up and release, squeeze and release leg wrap. The velcro parts can be somewhat difficult to manage as they stick to everything..but I find that when I take them off, I just loosen them and keep them stuck close to the right place and it works fine. If it seems too bothersome, just do it a few times, it is well worth the effort. These fit larger persons also. My husband is about 350 lbs. and 6’2″ and they fit him, and they adjust smaller also. They may run big for a petite person. That is one of the objections I read on another review on Amazon. I am only 5 feet and they work okay for me, I am not petite.

My husband and I both use them. He has had a knee replaced and doesn’t get much exercise. These leg wraps really feel good and relaxing for the legs. I would highly recommend them to anyone with swollen,sensitive or cold feet. If you are prone to blood clots or have heart disease, you will want to ask your doctor, because it really does help the circulation. I think that it would really help to prevent blood clots because of the circulaton benefits. My toes warmed right up and I wanted to just leave them on all day long and nap while doing it. I want to get another pair soon.

This pump works better than the $5,000 one

 August 30, 2011
By M. Powell
This compression pump is amazing. I don’t walk much. As a result, my feet swell. I had some lymphedema treatments to bring the swelling down, and was then told to buy a $5,000 compression pump. Though my insurance would have covered 80 percent of the cost,I watched a video for the device on You Tube and decided it was way too cumbersome for me to handle. After doing some reseach on the Internet, I found these circulation leg wraps. My husband had to help me get them on the first time I used them. Once we got the foot portion adjusted properly, I was then able to slip my foot into the sleeve and position the rest of the velcro straps on my legs by myself. I know getting the sleeves on will get even easier with more practice. When the bladders inflate and deflate, it feels amazing. I use it once a day. It has dedfinitely kept the swelling down in my feet. If you do purchase this item, when you take it off, leave the velcro straps on the foot attached. Release the other straps and leave them unattached. The velcro is hard to separate, but it has to be that way because it would pop open when the bladders inflate.

Squeeze Relief

 December 8, 2011
By Teri
The Circulation Leg Wraps work as advertised – and provides a much needed relief in my feet from neuropathy (numbing & tingling of the feet). Others who have reviewed are right about them being a bit big – but it is probably so it can accommodate all sizes. You can overcome this by wearing a pair of sweatpants and some sox when using it (to take up the extra room). I would recommend buying from this seller – no problems getting the product in a timely manner.

Great for those of us who sit all day

 April 21, 2012
By Angela Risner "The Sassy Orange"
I was recently in the hospital for surgery and they attached similar devices to my legs. They would quietly massage up and down my legs and I loved them. I looked online and they run between $2k and $5k – which I would pay, but the husband said no. He doesn’t know how good they were!

I rarely get up during the day at work, as I’m just too busy to fit in a walk around every hour. So I wanted to look for something similar to what I had in the hospital. These were close to it and the right price.

I really enjoy these. On the days that I don’t get to the gym, I put these on to help with my circulation. I’ve noticed that they really do get everything moving.

My only complaint is the noise. The hospital ones were virtually silent. These are pretty loud.

Mother loves them!

 July 29, 2010
By J. Holzapfel "LtMom"
I bought these for my mother after she had an accident and had to spend time in bed. She likes them a lot, and says that they give her a wonderful leg massage without her having to do anything. She explained that she leaves them fastened and slides her legs in, because the velcro is very “grabby.” When they are deflated, it’s no problem to slide in and out of them. I hope I get to try them out sometime!

Works Great!

 April 19, 2011
By DMaxedon
Shipping was quick. Item was exactly as advertised. I got them for my wife, she’s been using them a couple weeks now, and they work great! She has severe edema, so I was worried about size, but the fit perfectly.

circulation leg wraps

 January 11, 2011
By meme
I bought these for my husband as something similiar was used on him after surgery. He had commented that his legs felt great for serveral days afterwards. He uses these several times a week and has similiar results as those used in the hospital. He is very pleased.

I also find them very relaxing.

Encouraged neighbors to try them and they are ordering them.

Thank you.

I love these!

 January 18, 2011
By videono1
I have big legs and these fit. I’m on my feet on a hard surface all day at work and have problems with some swelling. These feel great!! They’re kind of cumbersome and the Velcro might be hard to deal with for those with weak hands. Advice for those who are large like me, wait until you are reclined with your legs up before you fasten the thighs. It feels like a massage!

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